Valor Pecan



We´ve been in the pecan industry
for over 20 years
We collect our pecans
with last generation machinery
We have the infrastructure
that guarantees the best quality of our final product
Our industrial drying ovens
provide the ideal moisture condition for our product.
In our facilities, the product is conditioned
and classified under strict hygiene and safety regulations.
In 1997, this was the title of the article that inspired Rita to carry out a plantation of 2000 pecan trees at the Ricarya establishment in Suipacha, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With the culture of European immigrants in her blood, she wanted those lands to provide food for future generations and to be a product with very high nutritional performance and long-term durability.
With this spirit, we carry out this family enterprise!
Today, a new generation continues with the same spirit, adding to the productive entrepreneurship, the development of the VALOR PECAN trademark.
The new name comes up with the objective of adding value to the product that comes directly from the field, making it reach the public, in its pecan with shell version, and peeled pecan, ready for consumption.
Our goal is to achieve the best quality for our pecan by prioritizing its immediate collection and drying, achieving the optimum moisture for the product. This ensures the preservation of its flavor and a better conservation.
Our proposal consists commercializing the product in wholesale volumes for the export market, which we package according to the destination requirements. The peeled pecan is packaged in modified atmosphere and we offer labeled packages from 1 kg to 50 and 100 grams. We also aim the market of healthy snacks (in kiosks, schools, gyms, dietetics, etc.) Restaurants and the chocolate industry in Bariloche are some of our clients.
Our products have been approved with the national food and establishment requirements.


The plant is shaken so that the nuts fall to the ground.

The nuts are collected with the Monchiero harvester.

The nuts are cleaned and deposited inside the oven that puts them in ideal moisture condition on the same day of harvest.

In our facilities, the nuts are conditioned and classified.

Then the pecans are peeled.

Pecans are packaged in a modified atmosphere, achieving optimum conservation.

A handful of Pecan in the daily diet helps to inhibit the unwanted oxidation of lipids in the blood helping to prevent coronary heart disease.
See nutritional value


  • 4ºC for 9 to 18 months.
  • -2ºC to -10ºC for 2 years or more.


  • 1 kg net (minimum order of 100 kg).
  • 10 kg net (minimum order of 100 kg).
  • Export bagging according to destination.


  • 4ºC for 6 months.
  • -2ºC to -10ºC for 2 years.


  • Transparent 65 microns bag of 1 kg, 250g, 100 gr and 50 g.
  • Packaged in modified atmosphere.
  • Minimum order 10 kg


We strongly believe that, by following sustainable practices, we can improve productivity, be more responsible with the environment and at the same time be more competitive with the efficient use of resources.
We are covering this approach in several areas, being our main goal to do without chemical fertilizers, replacing them by the incorporation of organic fertilizers, made by ourselves, composed of pine needles extracted from our own pine forest and chickens waste.

Currently we have reduced the applications of herbicides, making a more efficient and conscious management of the soil cover. This is also reflected in lower fuel consumption and less soil compaction.
Phytosanitary control is also treated with sustainable criteria, making the most of the benefits of the ecosystem and other insect species.
In Valor Pecan, each decision is made with the conviction that being sustainable is the path, not the goal. This road leads to a better world!


nutritional value

  • 50 y 100grs
  • 250grs, 1kg y 10kg


  • 1KG
  • 250 GR
  • 100 Y 50 GR